Edible Candle Sex

edible candle sex

Click to make candle sex edible!

“Earthly Body Candles – Three 2oz Edible Massage Oil Candles in Grape, Cherry and Strawberry. Packaged in an organza drawstring pouch. The perfect gift for holidays, Valentine`s, bachelorette parties, or just because! Earthly Body has many different candles to choose from, but this trio allows you to sample three of their most popular flavors. And, the edible formula is the most sensual because you can actually LICK it off your partner for a fun, sweet treat!”-Product description adult toy store

What an interesting idea! My master and I do a lot of candle sex and was play. What a cool way to add a new bent to it by making the candle sex was edible. I wonder if it tastes like those plastic lips they give out at halloween or if it is something more interesting. Truly it wouldn’t matter, just making it edible gives a new element to the already fantastic candle sex play.

My master punishes me by putting the hot wax all over my most sensitive spots and even on his own penis. One time during a candle sex play session, he made a mold of his dick with wax.  This would be so much more fun because I could actually eat it off his dick.

I know what I am getting this Christmas! Or perhaps that is too selfish since it is a gift for the two of us! I mean good slave girls are supposed to be selfless, but I just cannot resist. The heat, the flame, the small feel and look of candle sex already make me so wet I can cum without touching, imagine adding yummy taste to the mix.

If you have ever tried this product met me know! I would love to hear how it enhanced your candle sex.  Heck maybe by the time we get in touch we will be swapping stories!


How Verbal Humiliation Changed My Life

verbal humiliationverbal humiliation is what made me realize that I’m submissive. It’s a sort of thing that came on me slowly. I never even knew what my place in the world was. I was just a girl who was floating out there in the world without any purpose and direction at all. All of the good Masters out there know how bad for any submissive girl that can be. Especially bad if you’re a girl who doesn’t realize she’s submissive. The thing is that verbal humiliation is a double edged sword. When it’s done well it’s sure to put me in my place. When it’s done badly I have a tendency to speak out of turn and get my own dig in.

See, there’s nothing wrong with the humiliation by itself but for me it has to feel like Master knows what I need and is trying to do that and not just take out his frustrations out on me. For me, a man that is so weak that he needs to beat up on those that are weaker than he is isn’t a Master at all. He’s a chump and chumps deserve to be treated like chumps regardless of whether or not they want to be called Sir at the end of the day.

Not all masters are as good at verbal humiliation as others. Some take it too far, some don’t take it far enough. Unfortunately there’s no good road map to submission. I can’t tell a given man what he’ll have to do to get me where he wants me to be but I do know that when they do it right a good Master can have me eating out of the palm of their hand and begging for more. It happens more often than not but probably because I’m pretty picky about the men I’ll submit to in the first place.

Bring Me Low, Train Me, Beat Me

beat meIt’s not often that I get the urge for someone to Beat Me. Especially with a strap or something even more brutal. The last time I wanted it, it had very little to do with the man that I was hanging out with and had a lot more to do with just an urge. That’s what my submissive streak is to me. It’s an urge and it’s one that does not rear it’s head very often. I suppose we could speculate endlessly on why I have those cravings. Why is it exactly that a person wants the things that they want? Why do I want men to occasionally Beat Me?


There’s no good answer. Anyone claiming to have one is probably, no… definitely not aware of what they are talking about. People are a lot more complex than science would have you believe and the very limited understanding that we have managed to glean is the direct result of many trial and error runs. They still don’t know everything. When I’m talking about being beaten I’m not talking about hooking up with some trailer trash dude who thinks that the best way to ensure loyalty is through indiscriminate beat downs. That’s not sexy at all. Those guys are gross.

Gross men don’t deserve to get fucked. Ever. In fact, if you’re reading this right now and you are currently fucking a gross man you should stop. The men I want to Beat Me are a cut above the rest. I like them to be disciplined, poised, polite even, and I want them to know what they want. If you’re a man who wants to dominate me you have to bring your A game because I can smell a bullshitter from a mile away. The other thing is, it doesn’t happen all that often.

Anal Slut Gang Bang Dream

gang bang

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I’m a gang bang girl. That’s a well-known fact, especially if you hang out in the bars that I do. Of course, the bars are far from home and I never use my real name with the guys that I meet there. Still, there’s nothing quite like the fact that I can walk into a bar and get a gang bang going. You have to be aware of the guys that you are getting with. Some groups of men do a better job of fucking a girl than others. That’s always been true. That’s why you have to pick a bar.

Alcohol is a long known way to get the fear out of anyone. That’s why people hook up in bars in the first place. Lubed up with liquor people are more willing to do things that they’d never think about doing sober. Another place they do it though is in dreams. See, I like to be gang fucked so much that I think about it hen I’m in bed at home and all alone. I dream about group sex what seems like it has to be three or four times a week. No one man can be as cruel as a group of them.

Is it really the cruelty that gets me off though? I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately. I love gang bang and I love anal even more. If I’m being fucked by a dozen guys I want them to use my face and ass pretty much exclusively. I don’t want to think about what happens when they fuck my pussy. The pussy is for love or at least something a little more meaningful than a night of violent lust. No drunk guy ever turns down a moaning girl saying, “Fuck me in my ass.” It never happens.

Pussy Torture is a Tool For The Baddest Girls

Pussy Torture

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I’m a sweet girl, pussy torture is so new to me. Last night I talked to a Master who wanted to hurt this girl’s pussy. His fantasy was to have me locked down in chains and begging for his mercy. I of course acquiesced to it. It’s not my place to question a Master when it is my duty to be pleasing. I wanted to talk a little bit though about the way the call made me feel. It was my first exposure to a true sadist and my first foray into masochism, not just live bites or whatever.

I’m not a complicated girl at heart. A lot of people say that but my fantasies and my experiences with submission are kind of limited. I’m honest about that. I didn’t know what to say at first when the Master said he wanted to hurt me so badly. pussy torture was the man theme but he wanted to spank me, slap me, and even do more horrible things to me. I won’t lie and say that I wasn’t afraid a little at first. But it didn’t take me too long to start to get into the idea more than I would like to admit.

He was so detailed. He told me in no uncertain terms what he was going to do to me and then he told me what it would feel like. He had me hanging onto every word the whole time he was giving me my phone fantasy pussy torture. The fear gave way into arousal. I know that I’d never be able to get off during the fact if someone ever decided to do that to me but I do know that I would get off thinking about it later. I have another confession. I got off hard during that call, without permission. Master, call again to punish me, please.

Prison Anal Rape Gets Me Hot

Anal Rape

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I don’t know what it is about man on man anal rape but it really gets me going. I’m not talking about run of the mill gay porn either. I don’t want to watch some skinny fairy getting nailed by a fat bastard and calling that hot. That’s not it. I like raw violent anal rape. When a guy is fucking the living shit out of an equally virile and sexy man. That’s what does it for me. And it has to be anal rape. One of the guys has to definitely only be barely enjoying himself for it to count.

Don’t get me wrong. I like to be fucked hard in the ass. I can get down with it but no one ever has pounded away on my ass like that. Maybe its because I’m a girl but anal rape is something that doesn’t come up too often. I don’t even think I’ve be able to take it nearly as hard as I watch some of these dudes get it. Too much of a girl? Maybe there is some logic behind the statement that it takes a man to really fuck a man.

So yeah, I have an obsession with gay anal rape. I feel like a teenage boy. I have to spend my nights deleting my laptop history because of all of the beefy cocks and maked dudes on it. I wonder if that’s why guys like lesbian porn. I can’t imagine that its the same though, not that I’ve seen much of it.

Sure, I’ve watched porn, but nothing I ever wanted to get off watching. Just the gay anal rape. The kicker though is that they can’t act… gay. I don’t really know how to explain it apart from that. Time to go fuck myself in the ass with something.

Sinfully Sweet: anal rape
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Verbal Humiliation Isn’t Spanish Fly

Verbal Humiliation

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A little verbal humiliation doesn’t get me horny right away. I know a lot of submissive girls will tell you that they are aroused as soon as the torment starts but I can’t honestly say that I am. I like to hear about it for sure and I definitely like to masturbate to verbal humiliation I’ve gotten but its usually after the fact. It takes a certain kind of Master to enjoy that I’m usually not enjoying what’s going on as it happens. Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally a sub and don’t like dominating at all but punishment isn’t sexy at the time.

Usually I feel like crap for doing whatever I’m getting punished for. If I’m getting verbal humiliation it means I was a dumb slut and I deserved it. it doesn’t make my pussy wet to know I let down the Master, it makes me feel like trash and that’s where you really have to get the bull by the horns. Use that and manipulate me. I want that. I don’t want to feel like an equal. If I fuck up and get verbal humiliation or something even worse let me know I fucked up. Don’t play with kid gloves because I might cry.

Use me hard and put me away wet. When I think about it later I’ll get turned on and remember why its important to be a good girl which to me is the point of verbal humiliation. its not to make you feel an instant panty drenching, its to remind you of your place in the totem pole of bdsm and power exchange on the whole. Don’t treat me gently because I’ll be sad. make me sad. make me be good. Fuck my brains out and leave me gasping for breath. I’ll want more.

Fuck Pig: verbal humiliation
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Sperm Gurgling Slut

sperm gurgling slutShe is screaming the whole time, now cumming all over my dick. Her pussy you could tell had been waiting for this and now it was paying off. The way it feels when she cums on your cock is almost indescribable. Her cunt just seems to get so hot it could melt it and you can’t help but try to hold on for dear life. My dick is moving and out now all the way from the cock head to my nut sack, bouncing off of her clit. Unabated though, my string of insults kept coming almost as hard as she was. She begged me fore more and I gave it to her. I slammed her off of my dick so hard I thought for sure that I was going to break her in two. Her butt cheeks were clapping on my crotch so hard that it made me red and she still begged for more, screaming, maybe even crying, and the whole time cumming like a waterfall. I couldn’t hold it in any more I was going to cum. I flipped her onto her stomach again and she opened her mouth like the good little bitch she is. I watched her waiting for it as she grabbed my dick and jerked it off toward her mouth. “Please Sir, give me your cum” she said to me over and over again. Cum I did though, I mean it shot like a geyser all over her face, all over her mouth, and all over her tits. I almost fell with how hard I busted my nut. Holly moans and had another orgasm just because of it. On top of that, with jizz dripping off of every exposed part of her she still says “Thank you Sir.” through a mouthful of sperm


Face Fucking a Hooker

hollywould sucks cockI was burying it to the hilt giving her a face fucking that you shouldn’t soon forget. She took it all with some gags and never anything that closely resembled a complaint. I watched her eyes tearing up with the effort of it and that just made me go harder, my balls slamming off of her chin and lips, her face buried in my dick the whole time she’s loving every minute of it. If you want to get Holly off good though, make sure you call her names while she is taking it like a good bitch. I called her everything I could think of in my at the time endorphin soaked mind. Bitch, whore, cunt, fuck toy, cocksucker, slut, pig, dirty hooker, and the list could go on forever. Her hand started playing with her pussy and you could fucking hear how wet she was even over the sounds of the sloppy-dicked blowjob I was getting. Her little moans and whimpers vibrated the hot wet mouth that my cock was violating and it was all I could do to keep from blowing my load when she grabbed a hold of my back and I felt her little fingernails gripping me with the delight that only a true skank would feel while being used like this. Grabbing her hair, I flipped her onto her belly and pulled her up into a doggy style. Even as wet as it was, my cock met her tight cunt with resistance as I felt that pussy make a fist on my cock head. I rammed it in and she screamed so loud with a hooker’s joy that I thought I was going to explode right there. I didn’t though and I started to give that pussy hell. My hands were on her hips and my own hips were rocking in and out as hard and fast as I could manage.


Pussy Torture Got Me Hooked… On BDSM

Pussy Torture

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pussy torture isn’t something that a lot of girls are into. I know that. I realize that I shouldn’t like it as much as I do but I can’t help it. This all started with a boyfriend of mine who quickly went from unmemorable to remarkable when he piqued my interest in BDSM. I didn’t know what he meant when he was into pussy torture. To me that sounded like something out of a horror movie. He told me to trust him though and something about the way he said it made me decide that maybe his pussy torture was worth trying.

I had never been in bondage before that night either. When he tied me down to the bed and spread my legs I was more than a little bit self concious. But I was turned on. He looked down at me and smiled and told me it was time for my pussy torture. I really still had no idea what was coming. The little slut in me though was absolutely thrilled with excitement. I can remember that my pussy was wet and my nipples were so hard at the thought of my pussy torture. I didn’t even know what it really was yet.

That was when he pulled out a little device that he called a violet wand. I don’t know if you all know what that is but it is a little toy that can give an electric shock to the person its touching. This makes it a perfect thing to use for pussy torture and when my pussy torture started I really didn’t know what hit me. My boyfriend… master really got into it too> he told me that he should have started pussy torture with me a lot sooner. I begged and cried but when I came… I was hooked.

Magan: pussy torture
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