Edible Candle Sex

edible candle sex

Click to make candle sex edible!

“Earthly Body Candles – Three 2oz Edible Massage Oil Candles in Grape, Cherry and Strawberry. Packaged in an organza drawstring pouch. The perfect gift for holidays, Valentine`s, bachelorette parties, or just because! Earthly Body has many different candles to choose from, but this trio allows you to sample three of their most popular flavors. And, the edible formula is the most sensual because you can actually LICK it off your partner for a fun, sweet treat!”-Product description adult toy store

What an interesting idea! My master and I do a lot of candle sex and was play. What a cool way to add a new bent to it by making the candle sex was edible. I wonder if it tastes like those plastic lips they give out at halloween or if it is something more interesting. Truly it wouldn’t matter, just making it edible gives a new element to the already fantastic candle sex play.

My master punishes me by putting the hot wax all over my most sensitive spots and even on his own penis. One time during a candle sex play session, he made a mold of his dick with wax.  This would be so much more fun because I could actually eat it off his dick.

I know what I am getting this Christmas! Or perhaps that is too selfish since it is a gift for the two of us! I mean good slave girls are supposed to be selfless, but I just cannot resist. The heat, the flame, the small feel and look of candle sex already make me so wet I can cum without touching, imagine adding yummy taste to the mix.

If you have ever tried this product met me know! I would love to hear how it enhanced your candle sex.  Heck maybe by the time we get in touch we will be swapping stories!


Pussy Torture Got Me Hooked… On BDSM

Pussy Torture

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pussy torture isn’t something that a lot of girls are into. I know that. I realize that I shouldn’t like it as much as I do but I can’t help it. This all started with a boyfriend of mine who quickly went from unmemorable to remarkable when he piqued my interest in BDSM. I didn’t know what he meant when he was into pussy torture. To me that sounded like something out of a horror movie. He told me to trust him though and something about the way he said it made me decide that maybe his pussy torture was worth trying.

I had never been in bondage before that night either. When he tied me down to the bed and spread my legs I was more than a little bit self concious. But I was turned on. He looked down at me and smiled and told me it was time for my pussy torture. I really still had no idea what was coming. The little slut in me though was absolutely thrilled with excitement. I can remember that my pussy was wet and my nipples were so hard at the thought of my pussy torture. I didn’t even know what it really was yet.

That was when he pulled out a little device that he called a violet wand. I don’t know if you all know what that is but it is a little toy that can give an electric shock to the person its touching. This makes it a perfect thing to use for pussy torture and when my pussy torture started I really didn’t know what hit me. My boyfriend… master really got into it too> he told me that he should have started pussy torture with me a lot sooner. I begged and cried but when I came… I was hooked.

Magan: pussy torture
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Anal Rape Fetish Milking Cocks with Asshole

Anal Rape

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I have a real fetish for anal rape. That is a weird sentence and way to start this but it’s true. Though I wouldn’t call myself a submissive girl at heart or even a good slave there’s something about the idea of getting my ass filled with cock that brings out the dirty girl in me. I’d say that its all about the lowness of it. You can’t claim to be a powerful sexually liberated woman when you’re getting nailed in the ass. It just doesn’t work that way. Fucking an ass like mine is a goal for real men.

The more I got into anal sex the more I realized that it doesn’t have to be totally passive either. I like getting my ass fucked so much that if a man can really get me in the mind to take it there’s nothing that’ll stop me from sitting right down on a cock and riding it, milking that big dick with my ass. Maybe that’s the part of me that’s not a good submissive coming out but I think that if you’re willing to take something inherently submissive and not only take it but ride the dick you’re powerful.

So the real question is this. Is it really anal rape if you’re bouncing up and down on a cock and taking it in your ass the way you want to take it? Even if the pace is hard and fast and you’re screaming cause it feels like its too much for you to take? I had a thought that made everything seem a lot nastier than I thought at first. Even if I’m not getting my ass raped by a cock when I’m milking one I might just be raping them with my asshole.

There’s Something About Holly

hollywould sucks cockThere is something about fucking Holly that really sticks with you. Now while it may or may not be the obedience, the willingness to do whatever it takes to get your cock throbbing and take you all the way to a ball wrenching orgasm that is sure to ruin your good set of pants, or if it is her pussy that I am sure is gold plated somewhere I don’t know. I will say though that she is quite an experience. Shortly after I met her we were already screwing. She told me one day that she really wanted me to “fuck the hell” out of her and so being the generously giving person that I am I obliged. It started out innocuously enough I suppose but it quickly turned into one of the greatest sexual escapades that I’ve ever had. She had me spank her for a little while, till her ass was so red that it looked like a cherry all aglow. That made my cock pretty hard and her internal cock hungry whore radar must have went off because I didn’t have to say a word before she had her face up against my pants rubbing it all over my now hot cock. Her pretty little eyes looked up at me expectantly, a little brat waiting for her treat. Well I certainly was in no condition to argue the finer points so I pulled at my cock and let the little cunt go to town. Holly’s lips were made for this I am sure, she seems to love swallowing down a huge bulky dick, getting it nice and slimy, and really gets down with being told what a nasty girl she is. Her face gets messy and the stuff gets in her hair and she still sucks it like there is a fucking antidote in there. Her hand working the shaft another working my balls and her mouth pushing down and slurping up more and more of my cock


Bring Me Low, Train Me, Beat Me

beat meIt’s not often that I get the urge for someone to Beat Me. Especially with a strap or something even more brutal. The last time I wanted it, it had very little to do with the man that I was hanging out with and had a lot more to do with just an urge. That’s what my submissive streak is to me. It’s an urge and it’s one that does not rear it’s head very often. I suppose we could speculate endlessly on why I have those cravings. Why is it exactly that a person wants the things that they want? Why do I want men to occasionally Beat Me?


There’s no good answer. Anyone claiming to have one is probably, no… definitely not aware of what they are talking about. People are a lot more complex than science would have you believe and the very limited understanding that we have managed to glean is the direct result of many trial and error runs. They still don’t know everything. When I’m talking about being beaten I’m not talking about hooking up with some trailer trash dude who thinks that the best way to ensure loyalty is through indiscriminate beat downs. That’s not sexy at all. Those guys are gross.

Gross men don’t deserve to get fucked. Ever. In fact, if you’re reading this right now and you are currently fucking a gross man you should stop. The men I want to Beat Me are a cut above the rest. I like them to be disciplined, poised, polite even, and I want them to know what they want. If you’re a man who wants to dominate me you have to bring your A game because I can smell a bullshitter from a mile away. The other thing is, it doesn’t happen all that often.

Slave Girl Phonesex: Cumming on Command

Slave Girl Phone Sex Cumming on CommandPhone sex meets BDSM in the strangest ways for me. slave girl phonesex is what I do in my free time so, you see most of my time is not free at all. I am always serving which is what befits a slave girl like me. It does not matter if I enjoy my calls or not.  I am to do what I am told by my phone Doms.  My Dom has made that very clear.  He enjoys hearing how my slave girl phonesex sessions go and sometimes he uses tips or scenarios from my calls for his own pleasure.


The fortunate thing is that I do enjoy taking phone sex calls and have not had any callers I really did not like.  Some push me harder than others  and some like more detail oriented acts than others but I have to say, if I am allowed, I get off with all of them , when they tell me too. That is pretty easy for me since I virtually cum on command, all you have ot do is get me in submissive headspace and I cum on command every time.

Some guys erroneously think that if you can cum on command you can, “cold cum” as I like to call it and that simply is not true.  I have never met a submissive woman who could do that who was not faking it. However, say we are shopping and I am told to cum,a s if on command.  I won’t but it may get me where I need to be to do it the next time.  It is handy forslave girl phonesex because I can always get off when I am told to.  All of my callers leave happy and so do I! I am glad Dom allows me to do slave girl phonesex.

Prison Anal Rape Gets Me Off

Anal Rape

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So many people ask me what’s my fantasy and I always feel weird about telling them that it involves anal rape. Not usually just with me either. I want to be tossed into a man’s prison and get the anal rape but moreover I want to get fucked in the ass while other men are getting fucked in the ass too. You can’t exactly bring that up in most sexy conversations with dominant guys. They tend to have a whole “What do you mean you want to watch me get anal rape? That’s fucked up.” It probably is fucked up.


It doesn’t change the fact that its what I want. I want to someone to anal rape me and also other guys right there. I know it can’t happen. They don’t let cute party girls get tossed into men’s prisons but its still hot. I like to feel a hard cock in my ass and I’ll let you in on another secret. Gay porn is to a lot of women what lesbian porn is to men. Watching two hot guys anal rape each other or even a third weaker and less dominant man is hot too. I like watching men fuck men.


That isn’t to say I can’t just enjoy anal rape with one guy and no other guys in the room. I like being fucked in the butt. I like giving head. I just never really talk about that fantasy. Until now that is. I’m kind of hoping that I’m not the only girl out there that thinks about prison anal rape as a sexy thing. So ladies, if you’re out there put your hands in the air if you fingered yourself to that scene in American History X where Edward Norton is getting fucked in the ass. Because I have.

Candy Raver: anal rape
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Anal Rape This Living Fleshlight

anal rape

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If there’s one thing that gets me going its anal rape. For some reason, nothing brings out the submissive little bitch in heat in me like getting my ass forcibly taken and used for a man’s pleasure. That whole thing is just… wow. I love the feeling of a hard cock stretching my poor abused asshole to its limits during anal rape. Spit on your cock and slam it home. Really. Even if I protest. Hell, especially if I protest give it to my ass hard and you’ll find me hooked really quick to whatever other punishment you’re doling out.

So the other day I was looking at the fleshlight on the internet. They sure do have a lot of those. Pussies, asses, mouths, and more. Really, you can get one for anything that you want to put your dick into. I don’t have a dick and yet I found myself concocting a fantasy that involves the best of both worlds. I want to have my ass treated as though it were a living fleshlight. I’m talking, tied up, held down, and grudged fucked in my butt until I can’t see straight. Ignoring any protest I want him to take his pleasure out on my ass and fuck me until I’m broken.

So my biggest fantasy right now is anal rape and being used as a living fleshlight. If I could find a way to have my asshole made into one of those I’d send it to all of my very special Doms out there so they’d know exactly what the ass they’re filling would feel like. I have a habit of finding big objects to insert into my ass when I’m getting ass fucked on the phone so if I’m crying just know that I’m really getting into it and whatever you do, don’t fucking stop.

Why I Don’t Mind Being Called A Submissive Slut

Submissive Slut

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I didn’t know what to do the first time a guy called me a submissive slut. We had been making out and stuff and everything was going pretty well I thought when out of nowhere he grabbed a fistful of my hair and he said to me “I bet you’re a real submissive slut aren’t you?” I didn’t really know what to do. For a long moment I just kind of looked at him. His tone of voice had changed completely. We’d been seeing each other for a couple of weeks and I hadn’t ever seen this side of him, the side that called me a submissive slut and just took control like that. I was a little nervous about it at first but the more he looked at me, and the more stern his face got as he did it the hotter I got. So I said “Yes, I’m your submissive slut.”

That was all of the cue he needed. though I’d never been a submissive slut for anyone before (at least while being totally aware of what I was doing) I did find out that being fucked really hard and treated like a submissive slut turns me on. he bent me over the back of his car and I put my little ass up in the air. he spanked me for a good long while which I thought was both weird and sexy. I really never got off as hard as I did when he was sucking me from behind and calling me his submissive slut. He fucked my little pussy so good that I couldn’t even see straight. So these says when a guy calls me a submissive slut I definitely don’t get pissed off about it. I think back to that first time and my pussy just gets wet.

Kelli: submissive slut
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Pussy Torture is a Tool For The Baddest Girls

Pussy Torture

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I’m a sweet girl, pussy torture is so new to me. Last night I talked to a Master who wanted to hurt this girl’s pussy. His fantasy was to have me locked down in chains and begging for his mercy. I of course acquiesced to it. It’s not my place to question a Master when it is my duty to be pleasing. I wanted to talk a little bit though about the way the call made me feel. It was my first exposure to a true sadist and my first foray into masochism, not just live bites or whatever.

I’m not a complicated girl at heart. A lot of people say that but my fantasies and my experiences with submission are kind of limited. I’m honest about that. I didn’t know what to say at first when the Master said he wanted to hurt me so badly. pussy torture was the man theme but he wanted to spank me, slap me, and even do more horrible things to me. I won’t lie and say that I wasn’t afraid a little at first. But it didn’t take me too long to start to get into the idea more than I would like to admit.

He was so detailed. He told me in no uncertain terms what he was going to do to me and then he told me what it would feel like. He had me hanging onto every word the whole time he was giving me my phone fantasy pussy torture. The fear gave way into arousal. I know that I’d never be able to get off during the fact if someone ever decided to do that to me but I do know that I would get off thinking about it later. I have another confession. I got off hard during that call, without permission. Master, call again to punish me, please.